Allergy Itch Relief

Vetlomar™ Allergy Itch Relief Cream, Shampoo, and Hot Spot Spray offer relief from itchy, irritated and inflamed skin in animals.



Many treatments for skin diseases are applied directly to the skin surface.
Topical treatments may not cure the condition but are beneficial in improving the cosmetic appearance or odor of the animal.
Topical skin medications may be the preferred method of treatment for some diseases or beneficial in addition to systemic drugs.
Examples of products applied directly to the skin include antibiotic ointments, corticosteroid preparations, medicated shampoos, and topical insecticides3.
Glucocorticoids are often considered the most effective drugs in the management of itching. However, these drugs can cause adverse side effects, including excessive hunger, thirst, and urination4.

Vetlomar™ offers a range of products to relieve the symptoms caused by an allergy, like redness and itching.  Vetlomar™ has a 100% natural active ingredient, CEM-K that is clinically proven to soothe your pet’s skin1.

Clinically Proven Active Ingredient 1

Dermatologically Tested 2

Non-irritant Formula 2

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